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  • DYK Shrek

    The cartoon character Shrek was first modeled in clay and then digitized with a MicroScribe with Dreamworks' animation software.

The new MicroScribe Plugin for Rhino is now available!

What is MicroScribe?

MicroScribeThe MicroScribe® is a point-to-point, edge-to-edge data collection tool or alignment tracker for use with attached laser scanners and other types of sensing devices.

The combination of the MicroScribe digitizer and RevWorks CAD-driven concept-to-product engineering software shortens the time it takes to generate real-time computer models, drastically reducing product development time.

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What is RevWorks?

RevWorksRevware’s own RevWorks® software establishes the connection between the MicroScribe digitizer and SolidWorks solid modeling CAD software, providing the CAD user with the software tools necessary to manage the digitizer and directly collect feature data in real time.

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What is MiGage?

MobiGageMiGage™ is the portable metrology solution for MicroScribe digitizers. MiGage is an easy to use PC-based solution for inbound inspection and production quality control. Create robust inspection plans and produce verification reports that can be output in several formats.

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What is Skiron?

SkironThe Skiron™ laser is a compact scanning attachment designed specifically for MicroScribe 6DoF digitizers.

In combination, the devices create an inexpensive and compact, yet very effective option which dramatically reduces digitizing time.

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